SASVN Freight Forwarding LLC was founded in 2003, internationally known as SAS Vietnam. Our company operates in the logistics business and specializes in exporting goods from Vietnam to the United States and Europe via air. By having good relationships and support from airlines and agencies around the world, as well as possessing over 15 years of experience working in the logistics business, SAS Vietnam has been in the Top 10 freight forwarders in Ho Chi Minh City for many years.

In 2005, noticing that the import/export business in Vietnam had unstable projected growth and increasingly fierce competition, our Management Board had made major strategic decisions to diversify our services from air transport to sea transport, customs brokerage, and domestic ground transport. Thanks to this opportune and insightful decision, our company was able to survive the 2008 financial crisis and has continued to grow strong ever since.

As of present,  SAS Vietnam is no longer a single company but has developed into a logistics corporation with seven subsidiaries across Vietnam. We provide all logistics services for over 100 customers  in the country.

The division of SASVN into subsidiaries with specific and specialized services help our company to be flexible in providing them to not only direct customers  but also other logistics companies all over the world. By having experienced managers, professional and dedicated staff, as well as modern and technological managing techniques, we ensure customers  can receive the best possible services amid the unstable economy of Vietnam. We also utilize our strong relationships with large airlines and shipping lines, such as Saigon Newport Corporation, to contribute to our strength as a leading business in logistics.

SAS Vietnam is also an engaged member of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association for many years.